Friday, December 11, 2009

Calling all NEWBORNS!!!

My first FOCUS will be newborns.  I will be doing sessions for a discounted price of $50.  I would love to be able to give you 15-30 pictures of the new addition to your family.  This is also a wonderful Christmas gift!  This session does not necessarily include other family members but Mom and Dad should be prepared to be in a few pictures as well as any siblings.  However, most of the pictures will be of just the new baby.  I do allow more time for feedings and diaper changes so please know this session could take up to 4 hours but if we have a sleepy baby who sleeps most of the time, it could be a lot quicker.  I will do a consultation first and we will shoot at your house to keep from taking the new baby away from home.  For $50 you will get a CD with 20-30 edited images to print as you wish and 1 pre-made announcement that I have designed for you.  You can purchase other announcements from me or use your images to print somewhere else.   So...whose having a baby?  Please forward a link to my blog to anyone you know that is having a baby in the given time frame.  This offer will expire when I have photographed 5 newborns or by the deadline!  All sessions MUST be shot by Febuary 1, 2010.  And...I am going to put this offer on craigslist, but wanted to offer to my freinds, family and followers first! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So, I have been thinking about my focus.  Everyone in everything seems to have a focus.  An area they are really good at.  Doctors, Laywers, Artist, Military, and well even photographers.  But what is MY focus???  And, what do I WANT it to be?  I am not good at focusingin general, however coffee has been helping the last 3 days.  So, I am searching for my focus.  I have decided to take the next 3 months to start this search.  In January - March I will be offering specials to help me tweak some areas I do not get much practice in, to step out of my comfort zone and to find my focus.  My lack of FOCUS could be your savings!  Will it be infants?  Maternity? or maybe Seniors?  Or maybe something new?  So, stay posted, follow me or stop by and see what I will be focusing on next!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peter's Family FINALE

This is one of those sessions where it is such a challenge to get the kids to look at the camera or smile.  They wanted to be kids and play!  Imagine that, a kid wanting to play.  So, we did a lot of playing!  Even Mom was hanging from a tree!  Heels and all!   It was fun, a challenge but I welcome a challenge and I hope to get to be challenged by them again one day!  They are a beautiful family on the inside and out which makes photographing them even more fun!  So Peter's family, here is your FINALE.  Your CD is in the mail!