Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simply Darling

My third time photographing these adorable children!  I am so lucky!  It was freezing cold and windy so we ran in and out to keep the kids warm and happy!  There were perfect!  I have never ever had a 2 year old follow directions like this little guy!  I mean really...what 2 year old does what you tell him?  This one does... 
Dad is deployed and I did not mention Dad as I did not want any sad faces but when I asked this darling 4 year old to say Mommy, Candy, Money, etc... She got all excited and said Daddy and then told me all about how her Daddy will be home for Christmas!  The joy in her voice, her expressions and her words would have melted her Daddy's heart!  That will be her best Christmas gift for sure!  Makes you stop and realize what matters most, not just to us adults but to the children too.  My fingers and nose was cold but my heart was very warm.  Mom, you are doing a great job!