(above photo compliments of Beansprouts Photography!  Thank you Sarah!)
I am a stay at home mom and a photographer.  Well that is not ALL I am.   I have the best 2 jobs in the world. I have always been behind the camera as a hobby and always seemed to be the one snapping pictures of everything.  If you do not believe me ask my high school BFF Jill!  I even sent some pictures I took of her to Joey McIntyre!  Seems we were always dressing up and taking pictures for fun!  Props and all!  Maybe I should pull those out one day!  It has always been in me to be behind the camera.  I was fortunate enough to take photography I and II in high school and dreamed of having a dark room. My parents bought me my first SLR(film) that year!  Boy have times changed!  I have since taken a bazillion pictures, been through a few DSLR's and never stopped loving photography!  When I married my amazing husband and we moved to Italy I realized that I not only was cut out for being a stay at home Mom but I truly felt the Lord put me where I was for a reason.  And I do not mean Sicily, Italy because all know that was for a reason!  A-MA-ZING!  So, the journey began, or continued I should say!  I went for it and here I am today, learning and growing and loving it!  There is so much about photography that I love, from the interaction with people during special times to the quiet time I get when I sit down to edit and all the a-ha moments when I figure out how to do something new or when I see an image that actually puts a lump in my throat and brings out emotions in me.  Even better is when I deliver images to a client and they get choked up!  And the beauty, I can do 2 things I love.  I can be a mommy full time and do my photography thing and it works! It allows me to relish in all the things I love.  I love being outdoors and being a natural light photographer allows lots of outside time!
I am a Clemson Tiger!  My blood runneth orange!  I graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Health Science and still have a passion for health education, especially for our children.  I love college football, playing poker, being at our family lake house at the Santee, playing golf, walking on the beach, gerbera daisies, windows open in Spring, traveling, candles, chocolate and peanut butter, working in the yard with my hubby, baseball,  hearing my children laugh, the color blue, spring and summer, my family, my friends and well, taking pictures!  I hope to get to meet you one day and to preserve this time with a photograph.  If you would like to see part of my journey, visit my first photography blog, http://www.allisonwantstobeaphotographer.blogspot.com/.