Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Sneek Peek of the Peters Family

What a sweet family with darling kids!  Their little orange outfits were pretty cute too!  thrid time was a charm!  Took us 3 sessions to be able to finally photograph them!  I was singing rain rain go away a lot!  Had a wonderful time with The Peter's family. Here is your sneek peek!!! 

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pallesco Family FINALE

WOW, what a fun shoot and fun post processing!!!  There is something so special when you work with two people so in love.  I could not chose my favorite!  Enjoy Pallesco family!  Your CD will be in the mail tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An old friend from home and his georgous wife...

I have to tell you this story before you get a preview of this sweet couple. The husband, Rick, is from my home town. He has a twin brother and even though we are a few years apart we knew each other. I have not seen Rick in years, as we were not close friends. I did not know what happened to him or his brother. One day while walking through the commissary in Sicily I saw a guy that looked just like Rick and Eric. I kept telling Mike that he was a Sumter guy I was sure of it. Mike woud say, "Well then why dont you say HI?" I just could not believe a Sumter boy would be in Sicily the same time as we were and I had not seen him in so so long I was not sure. So, I never said a word. Then we left Sicily and as we were walking through the airport in Norfolk, the guy from Sicily walks up to me and says, "Allison? From Sumter right?" It was him the entire time! It was Rick from Sumter and now he was stationed in Norfolk, like us. It was just weird. I guess Sumter people are the ones who will understand the weirdness of this. Anyway, we became facebook friends (I {heart} facebook) and he ended up asking me to photograph he and his wife! Lucky me! It was a wonderful shoot at such a sweet place. They are such a sweet couple, laughing and grinning at each other the entire time. I am serious when I say they could not look at each other with out smiling or giggling like school kids in love. Such a treat to see two people so in love. So, check out this beautiful couple!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Officially Booked for November!

I am officially booked for November!  I am so excited!  I met my goal this month with number of shoots!  I am thrilled that the business I am getting is from word of mouth and from a wonderful local photographer who belives in me.  Thanks Becky Breedlove.  So, if you need or want Chrsitmas picture we must get on it!  We have very little time to get pictures taken, edited, to you and then cards printed.  If you are a past client of mine and are interested in Chrsitmas cards I will be offereing them for you.  Cards and prices will be out soon so...stay tuned!  Until then..Happy November!