Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I can help you with your printing needs!!!

I have finally partnered up with a professional lab and have sampled them, ordered prints from them, learned their system and well, I am thrilled to say, I can help you with your printing needs!  The print quality is fantastic, delivery/packaging is fantastic, shipping time is fantastic, prices are fantastic and well...I think you will get fantastic prints for your money!  Plus, I can do the work for you.  You tell me what you what, I will invoice you and order with in 36 hours or less and I will either deliver your pictures or mail them as soon as they get here.  So, who wants pictures???  Oh and to top it off, if you are one of my past clients or have  a session scheduled between now and August 1, 2010, you get 25% off your first order!  Now, who wants prints??

Printing Pricing
8 wallets     $10
4x6            $5
5x5            $7
5x7            $9
8x10          $13
11x14        $30
16x20        $60

For other print sizes or services please inquire.  Canvas and larger wall mounts available by request.