Monday, June 10, 2013

My VERY first Senior Rep! Meet the beautiful Torrie Buckman!

I am thrilled to announce my first senior representative, Torrie Buckman!  Torrie is a 2013 graduate of Great Bridge High School and The Governors School for the Arts.  (I know right!)  She is going to Christopher Newport University in the fall to major in Music Education.  Torrie hopes to become a Music and English Teacher after college.  I enjoyed getting to know Torrie through my Senior Rep Program!  She is a one of a kind girl!  She is exactly what these pictures show!  Beautiful, Fun, Classy, and silly all wrapped up in one package!  She did not get the nickname Sunflower for no reason!  It fits her to a T!  I met Torrie through Horizon Community Church and the people of the church that know her were thrilled that she was doing this with me!  I got message after message saying how deserving she was and that she would represent me well!  I do not doubt it one bit!  She is a gem!  

My Interview With Torrie:

What is your fashion sense?  "Classy, Cute, Elegant and Fun!"

How did you get your nickname?  "People say that I brighten up their day with my smile!"

What is your favorite:

Snack:  apples and peanut butter

Movie:  The  Notebook


Song:  Love is not a Fight by Warren Barfield

Ice Cream:  Chunky Monkey

Singer:  Taylor Swift

Car:  Honda Civic (Red Please!)

Ringtone:  Marry Me by Train

Store:  Wet Seal

Book:  Redeeming Love by Ann Rihaldi


Torrie loves God, her family, her friends, gifts, relationships, blessings, music, etc...

Torrie has been a blessing for me to photograph!  Not only is she an amazing person but she is also awesome in front of the camera!  She totally rocked it!  We had a blast as you can clearly see in the pictures!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Torrie!  I can not wait to get your cards to you!!!